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New York Business Lawyer Discusses The Best Business Structure in NY

Many clients often come to me as a New York Business Lawyer and ask what the best business structure is. This is a very fact-specific inquiry and will depend very much on the goals of your small business. For most of my small businesses, the choice comes down to an LLC (a limited liability company) or an S Corp. But there are lots of other vehicles that may be appropriate for your business. There are limited partnerships, sole proprietorships and most recently, New York state enacted legislation that makes a benefit corporation a possibly. A benefit corporation allows managers not only to take into consideration the maximization of shareholder value, but they’re also permitted to take into account the needs and interests of other stakeholders, such as employees or even the environment. So determining what business structure is right for you is a very fact-specific inquiry and that’s something that I assist many of my clients with as a New York Business Lawyer.  If you need help with a business structure in NYC, contact our experienced New York Business Lawyer.

This informational blog post was provided by Simeon Soterakis, an experienced New York Business Lawyer.

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