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Flushing Business Attorney Explains if Anyone Get a Liquor License in New York State

Often as a Flushing Business Lawyer, clients who come seeking a liquor license are very surprised to find out there are certain restrictions on who can obtain a liquor license. So for example, a convicted felon or a police officer cannot have a liquor license in New York State. These sorts of restrictions often come as surprises and there’s also other limitations to what type of location can obtain a liquor license. My clients look to me as a Flushing Business Attorney to educate them about what criteria are necessary in obtaining a liquor license. So, not just anyone can get a liquor license.  If you need help with liquor license in New York City, contact our experienced Flushing Business Attorneys.

This informational blog post was provided by Alexis Soterakis, an experienced New York Beer & Liquor Licensing Attorney.

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