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Beer & Liquor Licensing

Can Anyone Get a Liquor License in New York State?

Not just anyone can get a liquor license. When seeking a liquor license, people are often very surprised to find out there are certain restrictions on who can obtain a liquor license. For example, a convicted felon or a police officer cannot have a liquor license in New York State. There are also other limitations on what types of locations can obtain a liquor license. These sorts of restrictions often come as surprises. At Coran Ober P.C., our attorneys are well versed in the necessary criteria necessary in obtaining a liquor license, and we pride ourselves on providing personalized representation to each of our clients. Contact us today for assistance in obtaining your liquor license in New York.

What are the Different Types of Liquor Licenses in New York State?

When most people think of a liquor license, they think of on-premises consumption; the kind of license you would find in a bar. In reality, there are many different categories of licenses for both on- and off-premises consumption. There are also liquor licenses which apply to wine store sales and liquor store sales. There’s even special licenses for breweries, wineries and small businesses that make or distill beverages. There is a real gambit of available licenses and many people are surprised to find out what types of businesses require liquor licenses. If you need assistance in navigating the New York State liquor license laws, contact one of our experienced attorneys today and let us guide you through the process.

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